The African Plots Screensaver

The African Plots Screensaver

Free screensaver featuring animated scenes from Africa

Undoubtedly, Africa is a fascinating and mysterious place. Almost all of us have dreamed about running a safari and traveling all over the African jungle. If you love Africa, its fauna and its landscapes, then this screensaver will bring you much delight. It features various animated scenes with animals and sceneries from Africa, each of them completed with nice background music. You will see a hippo taking a bath in a lake, savannah at dusk, and a majestic lion resting on the grass.

The screensaver also has a control panel that allows you to customize several of its features, like the quality of animation, the order in which you want the scenes to appear, and the method for exiting the screensaver (keystroke, mouse movement or click).

A great advantage of this program is that, unlike other supposedly free screensavers, this one does not ask you to install anything extra or change any of your computer's settings. If you want to bring a piece of Africa to your desktop, then don't miss this nice screensaver.

Victor Hernandez
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